Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November meetings

Our next Rose City Quilters' Club meeting  is Monday 28 November.
The Lychway
5 Roy Street, Palmerston North
Doors open at 7pm - Meeting starts at 7.30pm
Visitors welcome - $3 at the door
This month is our Christmas meeting and will be the last for the year. Our guest speaker will be Kim Bradley. 
Please bring a small plate and we are again giving gifts to the Starlight Ward at the Hospital. More information about Starlight Gifts below.
Don't forget your Volkswagen Car block - if there are enough entered there will be a prize draw to win some of these.

Saturday Sewing this month is 19 November. See more information in the side bar or your newsletter.
Although there is no club meeting in December, Saturday Sewing happens on 17 December.

Starlight's aim is to bring joy and hope to mental health patients. They want them to know that their community cares about them. Gifts are distributed to Ward 21 patients at Palmerston North Hospital and Community mental health patients i.e. via Crisis Team, Community Mental Health Centre, MASH.  Suitable gifts are :
· Caps, Beanies, T-shirts
· Toiletries- deodorants, tooth brushes, toothpaste, toilet soaps, liquid body washes, face cloths/body scrubbers, hand/body cream, sunblock, lip balm, shampoo/conditioners, tissues
· toilet bags, cosmetic bags, tote bags (these can be home made, prefer zip or Velcro closures for inpatients (a safety concern) but drawstring bags and bags with longer handles can be given to community patients- · drink bottles
· sweets, biscuits, chocolates, chippies, non-cola soft drinks, No energy drinks please
· puzzles books and pens
· stationery, books and current magazines
The last couple of years patients were very moved with receiving hand-made items like lovely toilet bags, pencil cases, beanies etc. and that someone went to the trouble to make these things to give to them.
Starlight are often short of presents suitable for men.
All items must be new (but may be re-gifted if you were given something that you cannot use). This gift may be the only gift that the person may receive at Christmas.

Starlight has asked also, if able, can your gifts be in a gift type bag. These can be recycled as long as in good condition, can also use commercial gifts bags that you get when you are shopping (I save my Zierra bags and when I buy things at Farmers I ask for a gift bag not a plastic bag! and pass these on)