Sunday, May 29, 2016

2-Day Pet Portrait class with Sonya Prchal

Sonya Prchal will be our speaker at our club meeting on 25 July.
On 23rd & 24th July she is teaching a 2-day process class "Thread Painted Pets".   Ability level : Intermediate
My latest Class
Create your own beautiful thread painted pet portrait from your chosen photo. Discover how to enhance the photo printed fabric with various techniques which make it clearer to stitch. Learn the thread selection required to accentuate shadows and highlights. Enjoy the fun of forming contouring and fur direction with free motion stitching. Find out how to magically attach your stitched portrait to a background with natural results. Finally explore the simple to quilting to create a truly 3D effect.
If you would like to do this class it is important that your chosen photo is sent to Sonya before the class as she will need to prepare your fabric and thread options. Therefore the closing date for acceptance into this class is one month before on June 23rd 2016.

COST  : $100 for members of RCQ     $200 for non-members.
Application form in your May club newsletter, or non-members can email

Tote & Gloat 2016 Final post

There are a few more things to share about our 30th Annual Tote & Gloat. If you've never been to this show, this is a view of the stands once quilts go up on display :
and we have a number of shops to visit as well - this is a view of a just a few of them
In the previous 2 posts we've shared our Club challenge prize winners and the exhibition of the 20 Aotearoa Flight Challenge touring quilts. We had a couple of other exhibitions. One was from a small group of 5 of our members :
These are their 6 challenges from 2015.
We also had 30 years of viewers' choice. From 1986 to 2015 our members brought in as many of their winning quilts as they could. Really interesting to see the change of fashions from Carole Diphorn's quilt in 1989 :
to the winners in 2015 : Wendy O'Neill
and Debbie Jacques
Each year we also have a block challenge on a theme. The winning blocks are then made into our raffle qult for the following year. This was our raffle quilt for 2016 :
And these are the blocks entered for our challenge "NZ Flora & Fauna"
The winners will make for another beautiful raffle quilt for next year.
Our speaker this year was Susan Brubaker Knapp - find out more about her HERE and the classes she taught here.
Here a couple of the quilts she shared :
It was a wonderful day.
If you're interested in seeing a few more quilts from the day, check out a personal blog post by one of our members HERE.

Aotearoa Quilters Flight Challenge quilts

Aotearoa Quilters invited all New Zealand quilt makers and textile artists to participate in a challenge titled "Flight". The winners were announced at "The Great New Zealand Quilt Show" in Rotorua and at our recent Tote & Gloat show we were very lucky to have the 20 best "Flight" challenge quilts on display. I have just posted them in the order I photographed them, with Winners at the end. Click on any photo to see it larger. Enjoy :-)
"Homeward Bound" by Annie White (Auckland)
"Kaleidoscope Scramble" by Sandra Bentley (Tauranga)
"Unshackled" by Catherine McDonald (Christchurch)
"Night owl" by Juliet Van Der Heijden  (Rolleston)
"Metamorphose" by Kathleen Burford (Christchurch)
"A new life" by Kathleen Burford (Christchurch)
"Take our dreams and fly" by Catherine Parkinson (Te Awamutu)
"Flight of the pheasant" by Janice Danswan (Tauranga)
"Flight of the Godwits" by Wendy O'Neill (Palmerston North)
"To kiss the sky" by Kirsten Macbeth (Pokeno)
"Revenge of the birds : a whodunnit" by Clare Smith (Wellington)
"Howard Hughes meets Andy Warhol" by Vivienne Franklin (Napier)
"Wings of gold take flight" by Anne Lawson (Invercargill)
"Flying home" by Sonya Prchal (Whangarei)
"Ungainly grace" by Charlotte Scott (Paihia)
"Flight of ideas" by Mary Jane Sneyd (Dunedin)
"Leaving" by Mary Transom (Ohope)
"KL1963 Departing Amsterdam" by Shirley Sparks (Pauanui)
"I'm flying" by Camilla Watson (Whitby)
"Gone" by Jeanette Gillies (Wanaka)
Detail :
These quilts are now touring the country - find out if they're coming to your town HERE.
You can see our own club 2016 Tote & Gloat challenge winners HERE.

Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Tote & Gloat Challenge Prize Winners

We another great Tote & Gloat show on Saturday. This year we had two Challenges for RCQ members. The description of the challenge is followed by the winners in each category.
Click on any photo to see the quilt larger
1. Open Challenge - "1986"
This is the 30th year of Tote & Gloat. Suggestions : why that year was special to you, something you may have done, something historical, the use of the numbers, etc. Can be any shape to fit within a 2m square.
1st Prize : Nicky Webster "Leaving school across the ditch"
2nd Prize :  Colleen Blair "Tears for Pripyat"
3rd Prize : Dianne Southey "Chernobyl - A ghostly city"
Merit prizes to :
Anne Adams "Churndash"
Liz Gates "My journey"
Kay McDonnell "Kea"
Kelly Gabbott "Mad cow"
 - Kelly also won Viewers' Choice in this category :-)
2. Page out of a Book
A page out of a story book was handed out at our November club meeting. Suggestions : your interpretation of a word, colour or shape, or anything in the picture itself, from either side of the page.
The page must be attached to the quilt.  It can be any shape but must fit inside a 1m square.
1st Prize : Elana Stalmann "Mr Crocodile"
2nd Prize : Nancy Hazeleger "Forest"
1st Prize : Nicky Webster "Coq au Soleil"
2nd Prize : Kay McDonnell "Hairy Maclary"
- Kay also won Viewers' Choice in this category :-)
1st Prize : Debbie Jacques "Good night"
2nd Prize : Caroline Noaro "Swimming"
1st Prize : Carol McGillivray "Across the ice, all the way to the Arctic"
2nd Prize : Liz Gates "Pushing the boundaries"
Merit : Aimee Torwick "Shell island"
1st Prize : Sheryl Meech "Little mice"
2nd Prize : Dianne Southey "Fantasy house"
Merit : Liz Gates "Three little dancing girls"
Congratulations to all our winners. Please don't forget that ALL challenge entrants should bring their quilts to show again at our next club meeting on Monday 23rd May.