Monday, May 9, 2011

Final Category of Challenges at Tote & Gloat

Anything Goes: (open class - could be anything so long as it was quilt related and weighed no more than 5kg)
Dianne Southey's 'lamp'
1st:  Liz Gates
2nd:  Sheryl Meech
Sheryl Meech
Ngaire Chappell
Moana Woods' book

Lauren Francis' dress

Congratulations to all entrants for a high standard of imaginative work.
Congratulations to all prize winners!

More Challenge Quilts from Tote & Gloat

Advanced: (have won at Intermediate level at T&G)
Helen Cocker
Carol McGillivray
2nd: Liz Gates
Merit Award: Best Interpretation of Subject: Emma Vandenberg
1st: Sonja Revell
Sonja also won Viewer's Choice for the above quilt.

Professional: (has had a quilt selected for national or international level, and/or teaches quilt classes)
Dianne Southey
Wendy O'Neill
Rhonda Ellery
1st equal: Barbara Pritchard
Anne Adams
Merit Award: Best Use of Colour: Lorna Newsome
1st equal: Erilyn McMillan

Challenge Quilts from Tote & Gloat

The challenge was to be inspired by a page from a children's book.
First Time Entrant: (never entered a challenge before)
1st:  Sue Hayward
Joan Petterson
Novice or Beginner: (have entered a challenge previously)
Nancy Hazeleger
Linda Torwick
2nd: Raewyn Clayden
1st: Liz Halligan
Merit Award: Most Humorous Interpretation of Theme: Caroline Noaro
Caroline also won Sponsor's Choice with the above quilt
Sue Clapperton-van Weers
Intermediate: (have entered a challenge and won an award previously)
Sandie Butcher
2nd: Amiee Torwick
Cherie Clapperton
1st: Debbie Jacques

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tote & Gloat 2011

It's our 26th Tote and Gloat this year. I hope you have your ticket - we don't sell them at the door - they need to be pre-bought. The Cloth Shop (Victoria Street) and Village Books & Crafts (College Street) still have a few tickets for sale ($10.00)
Show and Tell in the morning.
Challenge quilts to view and vote for your favourite, and this year we have a new category - Anything Goes - so long as it is quilting related!
The challenge this year is a page from a child's non-fiction book. Those who wanted to enter, had to pick an envelope with the page inside.
Maximum size is 2m square and in the Anything Goes category it can't weigh more than 5kgs.
Our guest speaker is Yvonne Brown from the UK. She has been holidaying in New Zealand since the end of Remarkable Symposium. Yvonne is also taking two classes on the Sunday and Monday after T&G - one is Creative Machine Trapunto and the other is Celtic Cutwork.