Friday, August 27, 2010

Challenge Entries for Celebration 2010

The challenge this year was to be inspired by a greeting card (to be attached), the size was to be A3 (210cm x 420cm) and the be 3 layers, i.e. a quilt.
It is really important that you follow the rules - especially when it comes to size. Some entries were not the correct measurements, and in a big competition these would have been eliminated.
Also, artist's statements - it's really important to put about what INSPIRED you, not how it was made, and keep the words down - sometimes a 'story' needs to be edited, then someone may be offended. Please read what you have written out loud and you will find whether it makes sense or not.
Here are the entries, in no particular order, but according to category.
First time entrant to a challenge:
First, Best Interpretation of Theme
Best Use of Colour
Professional (those who teach, have been published or who have had quilts accepted at national/international level):

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Celebration of Quilts 2010

Celebration starts this Friday (tomorrow). The set-up is continuing at the Convention Centre, Palmerston North. I have been down there and displayed the Challenge Quilts and the Cupcake Challenge. This show goes for 3 days, Friday (27th) until Sunday (29th) from 10:00am - 4:00pm each day. There is a merchant mall, raffles - 2 quilts, fabric and indulgence.
These are the entries to the Calorie-Free Cupcake Challenge. Entrants could make any size, type (so long as it was textiles) and any number. Viewer's vote with money, which will all go to the Children's Ward at the Hospital.
So here are the entries:
the red one was needle felted by a 6 year old!

this one is actually a bag!
this one has the history of cupcakes on each page

this is very large - the 'cake' is a bucket!
2 children's aprons
ballot 'boxes' all lined up!