Monday, August 25, 2008

Advanced Challenge Quilts from Celebration

These are the entries for the Advanced Category in the Postcard challenge - same rules as the Novice and Intermediate Categories.

Anne Adams - won 2nd

Cheryl Shirriffs - won Judges Choice

Liz Gates - won Best Use of Embellishments

Sonja Revell - won 1st Prize

Lorna Newsome

Rhonda Ellery

Josie Bliss

Emma VandenBerg

Dianne Southey

Dianne Southey

Erilyn McMillan

Lorna Newsome

Lauren Francis - won Judges Choice

Carol McGillivray

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Challenge Quilts from Celebration of Quilts

Here are the entries from the Novice and Intermediate sections.
  • inspiration from a postcard (to be attached),
  • to measure 420mm x 300mm
  • to display in the horizontal position
Karen Jones - won 1st Prize in this section and Best Interpretation of the Theme.
Karen also won 2nd Viewer's Choice

Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson

Wendy O'Neill - 2nd Prize
Janice Sinclair

Phyllis McCready - 1st equal.
Phyllis also won 3rd Viewer's Choice

Jill Hogg

Helen Cocker - 1st equal
Helen also won 1st Viewer's Choice