Sunday, February 24, 2008

Karen Eckmeier's Visit

About 230 members turned up on Friday night to hear Karen speak. She gave us a virtual workshop in both her 'Happy Villages' and 'Accidental Landscape' classes. This meant that those who were not in the group of lucky people who got to attend her workshops, were able to see how she made these lovely quilts. Karen was very easy to listen too, gave us great introduction to her 'world' and had a Powerpoint display that took us through her workshops. Quilt Symposium Manawatu had some lucky number draws to win copies of both Karen's books. These were eagerly received by the recipients. Afterwards there was a question and answer time and people were encouraged to come up and look and touch her samples.
Saturday was Karen's 'Happy Villages' workshop, which had 25 attendees.

Here are some photos from that workshop:

The 'Accidental Landscapes' workshop is on today.

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