Wednesday, May 17, 2017

2017 Tote & Gloat challenge prize winners

We had another great Tote & Gloat show on Saturday. This year we had two Challenges for RCQ members. The description of the challenge is followed by the winners in each category.
Click on any photo to see the quilt larger.
Coffee Cup Challenge : use your imagination to come up with a quilt which has come from your inspiration of a Disposable Coffee Cup
First time entrant award 1st : Gill Christie - Inspired by Coffee
Novice 2nd : Elana Stalmann - Stop and smell the roses
Intermediate Merit : Kelly Gabbott - No name
2nd : Wilma Minnee - Coffee together, friends forever - this quilt also won Viewers' Choice
1st : Lynda Torwick - James the frog
Advanced 1st Nicky Webster - Hot Air
Professional Merit : Paula Shailer - Thoughts over tea
2nd : Dianne Southey - NZ Made
1st Amiee Torwick - Orange Blossom
Open Challenge : Circles :  Use your imagination to come up with a quilt for this challenge. It can be any shape to fit within a 1.5m x 1.5m square.
Merit :
Adrienne Walker - On the rocks
Nicky Webster - Spirograph
Anne Adams - Doily bouquet
Chrissy Sheed - Amoebic circles
Lorna Newsome - Whole cloth quilt in colour
3rd : Kay McDonnell - Love at first sight - this quilt also won Viewers' Choice
2nd : Anna Williams - Bloom
1st : Dianne Southey - Glistening raindrops
Special Award - Judge's choice : Pamela Tankersley - Sunset over Singapore
Congratulations to all our winners. If you missed the show, come to our meeting on Monday night - May 22nd - challenge winners are encouraged to bring their quilts to show again.

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