Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tote & Gloat 2016 Final post

There are a few more things to share about our 30th Annual Tote & Gloat. If you've never been to this show, this is a view of the stands once quilts go up on display :
and we have a number of shops to visit as well - this is a view of a just a few of them
In the previous 2 posts we've shared our Club challenge prize winners and the exhibition of the 20 Aotearoa Flight Challenge touring quilts. We had a couple of other exhibitions. One was from a small group of 5 of our members :
These are their 6 challenges from 2015.
We also had 30 years of viewers' choice. From 1986 to 2015 our members brought in as many of their winning quilts as they could. Really interesting to see the change of fashions from Carole Diphorn's quilt in 1989 :
to the winners in 2015 : Wendy O'Neill
and Debbie Jacques
Each year we also have a block challenge on a theme. The winning blocks are then made into our raffle qult for the following year. This was our raffle quilt for 2016 :
And these are the blocks entered for our challenge "NZ Flora & Fauna"
The winners will make for another beautiful raffle quilt for next year.
Our speaker this year was Susan Brubaker Knapp - find out more about her HERE and the classes she taught here.
Here a couple of the quilts she shared :
It was a wonderful day.
If you're interested in seeing a few more quilts from the day, check out a personal blog post by one of our members HERE.

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