Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Tote & Gloat Challenge Prize Winners

We another great Tote & Gloat show on Saturday. This year we had two Challenges for RCQ members. The description of the challenge is followed by the winners in each category.
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1. Open Challenge - "1986"
This is the 30th year of Tote & Gloat. Suggestions : why that year was special to you, something you may have done, something historical, the use of the numbers, etc. Can be any shape to fit within a 2m square.
1st Prize : Nicky Webster "Leaving school across the ditch"
2nd Prize :  Colleen Blair "Tears for Pripyat"
3rd Prize : Dianne Southey "Chernobyl - A ghostly city"
Merit prizes to :
Anne Adams "Churndash"
Liz Gates "My journey"
Kay McDonnell "Kea"
Kelly Gabbott "Mad cow"
 - Kelly also won Viewers' Choice in this category :-)
2. Page out of a Book
A page out of a story book was handed out at our November club meeting. Suggestions : your interpretation of a word, colour or shape, or anything in the picture itself, from either side of the page.
The page must be attached to the quilt.  It can be any shape but must fit inside a 1m square.
1st Prize : Elana Stalmann "Mr Crocodile"
2nd Prize : Nancy Hazeleger "Forest"
1st Prize : Nicky Webster "Coq au Soleil"
2nd Prize : Kay McDonnell "Hairy Maclary"
- Kay also won Viewers' Choice in this category :-)
1st Prize : Debbie Jacques "Good night"
2nd Prize : Caroline Noaro "Swimming"
1st Prize : Carol McGillivray "Across the ice, all the way to the Arctic"
2nd Prize : Liz Gates "Pushing the boundaries"
Merit : Aimee Torwick "Shell island"
1st Prize : Sheryl Meech "Little mice"
2nd Prize : Dianne Southey "Fantasy house"
Merit : Liz Gates "Three little dancing girls"
Congratulations to all our winners. Please don't forget that ALL challenge entrants should bring their quilts to show again at our next club meeting on Monday 23rd May.

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