Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tote and Gloat 2014 Winners

We had another very successful Tote & Gloat on Saturday, 3rd May. These are the winners of the 2 club challenges in 2014.
Modern Quilt Challenge 
1st Prize : Lorna Newsome
2nd Prize : Erilyn McMillan
Viewers' Choice : Barbara Pritchard
Two Colour Challenge
First Time Entry  1st Prize : Patricia Carpenter    
Intermediate   1st Prize : Pamela Tankersley 
2nd Prize : Lynne Wells
Advanced 1st Prize : Liz Gates
2nd Prize : Sandie Butcher
Professional  1st Prize : Sheryl Meech
Anything Goes 1st Prize : Lynne Wells
quilted art on canvas
2nd Prize :  Liz Gates
Viewers' Choice : Sonja Revell
Congratulations to all our entrants.
You can find other photos of the day HERE
Our speaker was the very talented Dale Rollerson from Perth, Australia. Go HERE for Dale's blog, and HERE for her Thread Studio online business. Her talk was very entertaining, and then we were able to get up close to see some of her work.
It was a wonderful day. Dale has blogged about the workshop she ran for the club the day after Tote & Gloat. Go HERE to see that.

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