Monday, May 9, 2011

Challenge Quilts from Tote & Gloat

The challenge was to be inspired by a page from a children's book.
First Time Entrant: (never entered a challenge before)
1st:  Sue Hayward
Joan Petterson
Novice or Beginner: (have entered a challenge previously)
Nancy Hazeleger
Linda Torwick
2nd: Raewyn Clayden
1st: Liz Halligan
Merit Award: Most Humorous Interpretation of Theme: Caroline Noaro
Caroline also won Sponsor's Choice with the above quilt
Sue Clapperton-van Weers
Intermediate: (have entered a challenge and won an award previously)
Sandie Butcher
2nd: Amiee Torwick
Cherie Clapperton
1st: Debbie Jacques

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